How to face your fears and reach your goals

How to face your fears and reach your goals

Since the emergence of 2018, I've had nothing but positive energy and outcomes in my life. I have to thank God for this. I've been pushing myself to extreme lengths and measure, as all I want is growth in 2018. It hasn't been easy to say the least. But I guess nothing valuable in life comes easy. For me I just can't get too comfortable. If and when I do, I find it's time to move on, otherwise it will stop me from progressing on forward to the next level. In order to progress you to need to eat, dream & sleep whatever you want in life and I can’t express that enough. Don't get me wrong sometimes it does get to a point where we all feel that we can no longer do this. But once you achieve that goal, I can’t express how rewarding and fulfilling that feeling is. 

It's always important to plan and write down your daily achievement and goals .I feel this is the first steps to fulfil your long term goal. I found that in the past I was juggling to much including gym, work and studying. I had to get myself into a routine to improve my lifestyle. This meant that I had to give myself a big reality check. I had to identify what I could and couldn't manage as things were becoming over whelming. Change is always hard but it's always important to put yourself first, as no one will have you like you do. Even though it’s important to meet your goals, life is all about enjoying. So I make sure I live life to the fullest with no regrets. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. It's all 'Gods Plan'

I'm a female boss on a mission to exceed in life and I own it....yaassssss. I love aspiring people and I believe in women empowerment. So I'm going to give you a few pointers on how I get by day to day and overcome obstacles.  


Daily affirmation and prayers

After reading 'The magic of thinking big' it encouraged  me to write a daily affirmation. This consist of my short term achievement along with my goals. Within my affirmation I spoke about positive energy that uplifted me and encourage me to do better and want better. It’s vital to uplift yourself and pat yourself on the back with everything you’ve accomplished. I find us human beat ourselves too much, because life isn’t easy and there isn’t a manual book for it. So it’s important to embrace everything you've encountered in life. I know it’s easier said than done but try to remain positive at all times, it makes you a better person and you’re a lot happier. Nearly every morning and night I pray, it’s helped me a lot in my worse and best of times. I can’t thank God enough for all my accomplishments. There are times were I felt extremely stressed and once I pray I feel a wait lifted over my shoulders. I find that praying relaxes me. I know not everyone is religious, so try to establish whatever it is that relaxes you. Utlimately you will be in a happier place with a better state of mind.


Let go

My mum always said to me, to know who your friends are and let go of anything that is holding you back. Even though I wouldn’t admit it, she was right. I know it’s so hard to let go of thing especially if you have a bond with someone or something. But I found that these things weren’t allowing me to progress. I just couldn’t let go of my past or someone. But once I did let go I found that everything lifted up for me. I’ve come to a point in my life were I have zero tolerance for negative energy anymore. So now more than ever before I say to myself if it/someone isn’t teaching me or making money with me it’s time to move on.