Thema Pieters

What I've been up to in the New Year

Thema Pieters
What I've been up to in the New Year


Happy New year now. I apologies for being MIA. I've been extremely busy with university and work, as well as trying to have a social life. I'm literally approaching my last hurdle at university, so you could imagine how much pressure I'm under. 11 weeks and counting eeekkk. Deciding what to do after university can be extremely challenging. I'm starting my own business as well as looking for a graduate role. It's literally a never ending journey. However, planning my day accordingly and staying disciplined has helped me stay on top of things. Even at moments were I felt like it's too much to handle. 

With the faith of God I know he would help me get through this time. Amen!!! .

Recently I was luckily enough to witness the birth of my niece. As soon as I found out my sister was in labor, I rushed to the hospital to await the delivery of my niece. I must say the whole experience was so overwhelming, I had so many mix emotions of happiness, love and joy. It amazing what the female body goes through. Did you know giving birth is like fracturing 20 bones all at the same time. This is extraordinary to say the least. But let's just say after witnessing the birth of my niece, I'm not in a hurry to have children any time soon. However, I'm extremely excited to have a niece after putting up with 5 nephews over the years. I can finally dress her up and have a mini me.I can't believe its March and I've only gotten around to saying

Nevertheless, I'm happy to say no baby fever for me just yet.


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