Why I wanted to stop blogging'

Why I wanted to stop blogging'

I can't believe I'm saying this but we only have 8 weeks left of 2017. Where has time gone?  Christmas is the most expensive time of the year for me, especially since I have 5 nephews. I just don't know where to start with them. 

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I recently celebrated my 24th birthday. I couldn't be more grateful that God has blessed me with another year. I have wonderful friends and family that constantly support my journey in life, this has had a huge impact in molding the person I am today. With that said turning a year older has made me think about my career goals. I've breached a point where I've felt like shutting down my blog as I'm not necessary happy with the progression.  

However, within the past week I have gain valuable knowledge, to allow me to progress in my career path and give me the faith and hope I've been looking for. After all I've come too far to quit now.  


I recently went to the RMG event hosted by Blogger Tasha Antwi where I learnt about Personal Brand positioning in the digital media. What struck out to was the topic regarding SEO & PR (Search Engine Optimisation). I literally need to step my game up so I get ranked in google. This amazing event has made given me a huge reality check. I need to be a lot more strategic if I want to be a major influencer, as a result I need to connect with other bloggers, brand and PR companies. Bad Blogger recent post has allowed me to realise that I need be more time efficient by using my time wisely day in and day out. I will definitely take her advice on board and try a no phone zone. I get easily distracted by the simplest of things, So I'm unable to complete my daily activities. 

So, I made a Vow to myself that I'm going to aim to reach 10,000K followers on Instagram. This can only be done through commitment, using my time wisely and creating amazing content. However, with taking everything I've said into consideration. I can't put too much pressure on myself as my physical and mental health is number one priority. As long as I'm being the best version of me that's all that matters.  


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